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What do all these social platforms have in common?   Well, to begin with they’re all about YOU, aren’t they?  And they’re all about telling others all about YOU.


If you already do Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you obviously buy in to the concept of promoting the things you do and are anxious to hear back about these things from your friends (and possibly friends’ friends).


If so, definitely you should sign on to Shmoooz’R so you can tell as many people as possible in an “off-line, face-to-face environment” all about yourself ...And vice versa.


What Problem Is Shmoooz’R Trying To Overcome?

Every new idea is attempting to solve or ameliorate an existing societal problem or dilemma.  Shmoooz’R is no exception.

Shmoooz’R is a new, imaginative and ingratiating way to jump start stale…and increasingly irrelevant….networking events which can’t seem to compete with new forms of social-media-driven communications.  Yes, America needs another kind of strategic nametag.

We believe Shmoooz’R is an elegant solution to an age-old problem that baffles everyone:  It’s very hard to get to know a stranger quickly, well, and long-term.  That’s because all meaningful relationships are based on developing personal ties with the other person.  But when you walk into a room where personal ties don’t exit, where you don’t know anyone and they don’t know you, it’s a painful experience.  But one you still have to deal with the best way you can.

The only way to overcome such a debilitating experience is to find a basis for starting conversation with a stranger.  And there’s no easier way to do this then by discovering a common basis of understanding and rapport.  Shmoooz’R capitalizes on the almost universal appeal of sharing and talking about images of interest.  It’s 100% effective.

Images Stimulate The Best Conversations

Obviously, this is true.  If you harbor any doubts about this proposition, read the July 1, 2013 New York Times article (Section B1 – “Dropping the Tedium of Typing for Photos That Say It All” - or download a PDF here).  The article says that images deepen engagement and strengthen the conversational experience.

At What Events Is A Shmoooz’R Most Effective?

Weddings, festivals, bar mitzvahs, celebrations, graduations, receptions, potlucks, games, stags,  conferences, mixers, meet-ups, cocktail parties, funerals, soirees, conventions, business meetings, block parties, confabs, garage conventions. 

Well, you get the idea ...absolutely anywhere where you think you’ll bump into or be approached by strangers.

How Is Shmoooz’R Different From An Ordinary Name Tag?

A conventional name tag displays your name and usually one other useful piece of information about you like the name of your employer, your job title or occupation. But let’s be honest.  Nobody wants to talk to you because they see your name on a nametag.  At this stage of introductions, names are irrelevant.  And few people really care that you’re the comptroller at Ajax Manufacturing Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  It’s irrelevant.

But, a Shmoooz’R, in addition to generic name and occupation information, gives the kind of personal information about you that makes other event guests want to learn more about you than just your name and what you do.  It’s a fact:  Sharing of personal (but non-invasive)information like what school you attended guarantees immediate and stronger bonds.  Think about this for a second.  How many times have you bumped into a stranger who’s wearing a sweat shirt from your alma mater, and that small tag of commonality launches both of you into non-stop conversation?  It’s true of all of us.  Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram understand this about human nature and make it a part of their social media DNA.  So, our Shmoooz’R is in effect a wearable Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all bundled into one.

Making conversations with people you don’t know-and don’t know you- has never been more fun or easier.  You don’t have to struggle to make small talk.  Your Shmoooz’R makes it for you.  And makes it well.

What’s Wrong With Having Fun?

Let’s face it….it’s fun to see your name in lights.  Well, if not in lights, at least in Big, Bold Print.   Shmoooz’R rolls out the highlights of your life for everyone to see….and comment about.  Yes, it’s scaling up your achievements in a modest, becoming manner.  Think of Shmoooz’R being Your #1 Booster. That’s Fun.

Have you ever wondered how all of us love to wear customized clothing, like T-shirts, baseball caps and designer-labeled clothing that shout to the world what we think about things and what we like?  Even our uniforms describe our skills, our education, and most likely our political beliefs.  Think of the Wall Street attorney in his button down, three piece suit or the cop on the beat: Those are all uniforms and they say much about the individuals who wear them.  And what I like most about these attempts to brand ourselves is that they’re all natural expressions of our personality and character.  In other words, they have integrity because they’re not products of Madison Avenue or advertising hype.

Our clothing act as commercial billboards of our thoughts and ambitions, and that’s OK.  In fact, it’s just another form of communicating. It’s good to have as many different methods and modes of communication as it takes to get our message through.

Is There A Choice In Nametags?

Not really.  You can use the conventional “HELLO, my name is Joe Dokes” nametag available at every Walgreens or Office Depot in the country.  Or you can wear something that values you as a unique person who has life stories he wants to share…and more miles to travel.  YOU MAKE THE CHOICE.