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Gold StandardStaying Top-Drawer
  “The Gold Standard
      of Custom Name Tags”

MinglingPicture-Perfect Mingling

There’s a direct link between the amount and quality of socializing at reunions and subsequent gift giving by alumni who have a particularly rewarding experience [i.e. they solidified memorable relationships] at their  reunion.

Why risk the consequences of not creating and solidifying relationships by all means…even name tags.

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A first-rate reunion should reflect quality in every detail… even name tags. Shmoooz’R, the next  transformative innovation in reunion management:

1) gives each guest a reason to talk to a stranger,
2) gives the Alumni Office a new way to make reunions more effective with value-added features.

See how Shmoooz’R compares with other name tags.

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Each Shmoooz’R picture creates 1,000 words of  new, relationship-building conversation. 

Shmoooz’R's sole aim is to maximize  mingling,  networking, socializing and schmoozing. 

Ultimately, such “connecting” results in increased guest interaction; deeper and more enduring relationships.

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CustomizedCustomized for Personalized Individuality

Ice-BreakerMost Effective Ice-Breaker Available

Value-Added  Value-Added Features

Reunion guests, expect products that heighten and distinguish their individuality.  Shmoooz’Rs honor each wearer’s life with identity messaging.

Reunion guests feel special with perfect reunion memento.


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Image-based name tags are the only ones that increase networking & meaningful socialization by up to 3 times. Guests discover common areas of interest:  schools, hometowns and interests.

Conversation-starter images shout “let’s talk about you and me.” Even the most gifted conversationalists need help once in a while.

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Low Cost ... Easy to Set Up
Quick-Production Turnaround

Shmoooz’Rs are loaded with value-added features. And because image collection is automated, alumni offices place orders easily with quick turnaround.  Best of all:  They don’t cost much more than conventional name tags.

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Anatomy of a Shmoooz'R

What's Wrong With Today's Typical Name Tag?
Elmer Fudd Name Tag

In a word, "Everything" -- it's archaic, boring, and does only one thing well (display the wearer's name). Even if you throw in an old school photo that doesn't look remotely like the wearer did in college, it's still useless in signifying anything of consequence.

Worst of all, it doesn't start conversations.

Granted, change is hard. But old fashioned name tags haven't evolved or adapted to these electronic age realities: 1) professionally curated images, 2) customization and personalization of the wearer's identity, and 3) commual sharing of pictures that reflect a person's life experiences.

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