The Value Of Networking Done Well

There are three reasons why networking is the #1 function of business associations.

First, every business person is intent on marketing his pet interest/idea to a buyer(s) he hasn’t yet met.  He understands that unless he/she can convince others that the idea or product has value it, will never succeed.

Second, networking or person-to-person advertising is the best way of making strong and lasting relationships with people who may be in need of the service.  Third, all other product advertising is dubious and ephemeral: Personal dealings are the time-tested way of “selling the goods.”  And selling the goods is just about all business people want to do.  It’s the name of the game.


So, if networking were all that vital to the consummation of a sale or an idea or product, wouldn’t you think organizations would try to master its execution?   But the disturbing truth is they don’t. The modus operandi of virtually all organizations, big and small, rich or poor, is to pack a lot of people into a room, ply them with food and alcohol, try to jump start a few conversations ...and then hope good things happen.  But what happens is a big waste of a lot of expensive resources, like time, money and talent. The whole process is way more inefficient and ineffective than it should be.  It would be irrelevant were it not for the fact that there has been no substitute scenario to “letting things (read, relationships) just play out at their own speed.”


Long Story Short:  An effective networking tool, like Shmoooz’R is long overdue.  It’s no panacea, but life (and business) is a game of incremental gains.  If each event sees 10 more people wearing Shmoooz’Rs, it won’t take very long before everyone is wearing one.]



Shmoooz’R works better than any other introduction systems for several reasons:

  1. Images convey information better than any other medium or language. That’s fact, not fiction

  2. A structural (i.e. curated) method presenting personal information is easier for the other person to perceive through the din of other event stimuli…and easier for them to understand.

  3. A pro-active display of your favorite places, things, and ideas puts your best foot forward …right out of the gate.

  4. Each of Shmoooz’Rs images is a mini-conversation starter.Speech Bubble

What’s With Those Silly Ice-Breakers?

An ice-breaker is a game or process designed to get people to know each other faster by revealing matters of personal interest. That’s all well and good. However, in practice, ice breakers are time wasters and invariably corny. They embarrass people and worse yet, they don’t work very well because most people can’t remember myriad personal details about their own life, let alone that of perfect strangers.

Admittedly, Shmoooz’R is an enhanced ice-breaker or a conversation broker. The only difference between it and a game-show variety ice-breaker is that Shmoooz’R works. It works because Shmoooz’R-wearing guests don’t get blinded (or blind sided) by a blizzard of irrelevant personal and business details they’ll never remember. Blessedly, key personal details (Shmoooz’R images) are always in front of the conversationalists.

Remember this: “Connecting with another person at an event predisposes both individuals to find other topics of interest.” Shmoooz’R is a journey, not a destination.

It’s Really All About “Maxing The Personal"

In this day and age the biggest communication drivers in the world ⎯ Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn ⎯ are all about relaying personal communications.

But there are boundaries on what kind of personal information should be divulged. For example, giving strangers personal (but not intimate or invasive) information is the primary distinction between acknowledging acquaintances and friends.

Speech BubbleStill, how does anyone ever really know what kind of information to share and what to keep private? Shmoooz’R has made a science of broadcasting the kind of new about you that everyone wants to hear about. It does this by giving you time in advance to think about the kind of information you want to share with others. You’ll never be taken off-guard into releasing private information that’s nobody’s business.

CartoonShmoooz’R Is Simply The Best Networking Tool In America

If you’re talking business, you’re networking. Right?
If you’re talking social, you’re networking. Right?
And, if you’re talking to yourself, you’re really just getting ready to network.

Life, in other words, in all its countless manifestations is about networking. That means networking is mighty ubiquitous and mighty important. It should be done right.

What makes Shmoooz’R the perfect networking tool is that it compels a dialog, a two-way conversation. All the other person has to say is, “Say, tell me about this or that Shmoooz’R image.” And then as they say, you’re off to the races.