Warren Shmoooz'RShmoooz’R is a Sacramento start-up that makes only one product: Shmoooz’R. And because that's all we do, we make the best one in America -- bar none.

And the only thing Shmoooz’R does is opens channels of communication so large that even legendary actor Gary Cooper could drive an aircraft carrier through.

Inasmuch as nametags have not changed one iota in the last 75 years, we think we’re on to a sea change kind of product.  Seldom does a new product come on the market that leaves its predecessor in the dust.  Paradigm shift in face-to-face communications may be too strong a characterization of Shmoooz’R, but it’s really a whole different kind of way of doing networking business.

Honestly, we don’t understand why anyone would prefer to go to an event where they don’t know anyone and wear a “HELLO, my name is…..” nametag that says absolutely nothing at all. 

We think that our innovative Shmoooz’R compliments the many social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook that aim to personalize  the conversation experience.  We’re just doing it in an “offline” venue, that’s all.

Our Approach

We are a customization shop, pure and simple.  We make no bones about it.  Each Shmoooz’R is unique because no two individuals are the same.  We like that idea.  And we promise to strive to make the images we use to describe each user’s experience, increasingly more apropos to each individual user.

And we’ll always be on the look-out for a way to improve Shmoooz’R so that it becomes a better networking tool to connect people. And, finally... we have tons of fun trying to find exactly the right image that makes your life stand out among all the boring things of us do. It's all about habing a good time, right?

Our Elevator Pitch: “3 Times More Effective REunion Socializing”

O.K., this may be a bit of a W.A.G. (wild ass guess) -- 4 X more effective may be closer to the truth.  But the point is that networking sessions are notoriously problematic.

Success (i.e. landing a prospect or B.F.F.) is a bit chancy because all the set-up props, like refreshments, venue and attendees, come with their own liabilities.  You can’t do much about any or all of them: You have to make do.

But you can significantly increase the odds of scoring a good relationship if you put your trust in Shmoooz’R.

Shmoooz’R does the heavy lifting at your reunion in the sense that it makes you singularly approachable.  Common interest images -- say, a skiing, paragliding or snorkeling image -- lift you above the mainstream fray and gadabouts.  What makes you distinguished, makes you distinguishable.  If you just won an award or took a trip to Paris and you post these accomplishments on your Shmoooz’R, friends and foes alike will take note:  They’ll see the images and if they’ve done the same thing….or wanted to do the same thing….they’ll come up to you and start asking you about it.  That’s exactly how Shmoooz’R works. And if you at a networking event, that’s exactly what you’re expecting and want.

I’d say that if those kind of meet-ups happen a few times at your reunion, Shmoooz’R's been 5 X more effective than not wearing one.